March Madness and Empty Nesters

As March arrives, so does the frenzy of college basketball’s March Madness. For empty nesters, it’s also a time of reflection and change. With children grown and gone, thoughts of downsizing start to surface. Let’s explore this transition as empty nesters consider calling a real estate agent to downsize.

Reflecting on Change:

Empty nest syndrome kicks in as children grow up and leave home for the new adventure of college, entering the workforce, military, or a backpacking trip through Europe. Their departure leaves behind memories in every corner. Nostalgia mixes with the desire for simplicity and less upkeep, prompting thoughts of downsizing.


During halftime, empty nesters weigh the decision to downsize. Questions about where to move and what’s essential arise. Thoughts of retiring to a quaint mountain town like Pinetop, Arizona may arise. It’s a strategic moment, much like halftime in a basketball game.



Embracing New Beginnings:

As the second half begins, empty nesters approach downsizing with clarity. They see it as an opportunity for a fresh start, embracing the freedom and adventure it brings. The idea of moving to a condo or townhouse located near a golf course, fishing, and hiking allows them to dream big. 

Finding Home:

After the final buzzer, empty nesters settle into their new, smaller homes. Though the journey may have been challenging, they find comfort and warmth in their new space, embracing simplicity and the promise of a brighter future.




Much like the excitement of March Madness, the journey of downsizing is filled with ups and downs. For empty nesters, it’s a chance to prioritize what truly matters and find joy in a simpler, more manageable lifestyle.

For those interested in following March Madness 2024, here are the links to the official brackets:

2024 Men’s bracket – NCAA website

2024 Women’s Bracket – NCAA website

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