Pinetop AZ Real Estate

Selling Your Pinetop, Arizona Real Estate

While selling your home is an exciting adventure, there are certainly stressors that can arise throughout the process. Having a great real estate agent can help alleviate some of the stress you may have and aid you in having a fantastic selling experience! To help you find a real estate agent that will fit your needs, check out testimonials that other customers have provided about their experiences.

Take the time to fix up areas of your home that need a little extra attention. Oil any squeaky doors, touch up the paint, and fix the leaky faucets. Attention to detail can create a huge difference in the way that potential buyers view your home. Spend some time outside cutting the grass and hedges, weeding your garden beds, and cleaning up any yard debris.

Keep decor neutral and light. You want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home, so be sure to keep spaces open and decluttered. Remove family pictures or any other family knick-knacks that might distract potential buyers from the space.

Clean up. You want buyers to know the home has been well taken care of, so take some time to sweep and mop, vacuum, wipe down counters, make the beds, and tidy up any cluttered areas. People are far more inclined to make an offer on a home that they know has been well kept.

Leave the house. During open houses and showings, it is best if you are not present. The real estate agent has the necessary information about your home, so let them be the expert. Potential buyers are far more likely to spend a longer time viewing the house when they don’t feel like they’re encroaching on your life.

Stay professional. Make sure that you get all agreements in writing, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want out of your agreement. Ask your real estate agent any questions you have before interacting with the potential buyer.

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