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About Frank M Smith & Associates INC

We are experienced Real Estate Professionals in the White Mountain area market.

If you are looking to purchase a home or property, and choose us to represent you in your real estate transaction, we will work our hardest to find you exactly what you are looking for in the price range that works for you. We are certain that once you start working with us, you definitely won’t want to stop! We have had many previous clients that have suggested us to other people who also became clients! Our professionalism and expertise will keep you satisfied. Whatever your real estate need may be, we can cover you.

If you are looking to sell your home or property, we can help you market and sell your home in the least amount of time and for top market value. We are always here to work for you, and get you the best possible deal that you can get for your home. We will always make sure that your home isn’t sold underpriced.

We are excited for you to experience our professional agents at work. Contact us today to begin your real estate journey. If you choose us to assist you in your real estate search, you won’t be sorry.

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